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November 19, 2009


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The word “jinx” originates from the southeastern U.S. bird that supposedly had the ability to predict the future. Most unfortunately, the bird proved less competent in accurately predicting favorable events but had a unique ability to see the bad things coming. It is from this reputation of being able to predict unfavorable events that today we associate the word “jinx” with any person or thing that brings about bad luck.

This word has a unique type of stickiness to it. We learn this word very young. It is the perfect word to use when, engaged in a child’s game, you try to bestow bad luck upon your opponent or restore a bit a good luck in your direction. Yet, as adults, this word rarely makes an appearance.


Does this word somehow lose its perfectness? I argue that it is not the word that changes. Instead, it is us that loosens our grip on the power of this word and its magical properties. What changes is our ability to remain playful with our lives, our situation, and ourselves. In this sense, as adults, we take ourselves far too seriously.

When bad things happen, typically, we either blame the external world or ourselves. It’s as if we are left with only two choices – attack others or attack ourselves. Either way, we attack.

What ever happened to simply blaming our situation on bad luck?

Next time you find yourself in a situation that is not going your way, turn the tables by saying out loud, “Jinx!” See what happens.

My guess is that by putting yourself back into the frame of mind of your youth, you’re likely to take your problem, your situation, even yourself, a bit less seriously. That’s got to bring a smirk to your face.

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