Divorce is an effective solution to an unsolvable problem. However, after the marriage turns cold and hope becomes lost, too many times, people burn bridges in order to light a new path. Finding a new path is not the problem. It's the burning of the bridge that causes so much pain and distress.

The key to an effective divorce is forgiveness, which requires a mixture of guts, imagination and commitment. Like love, forgiveness is more about the journey and less about the destination. Learning how to break the cycle of pain occurs by looking at the family through the lens of forgiveness, which helps to melt away resentments and silent grudges.

Our Unique Approach to Divorce Therapy

Our approach to divorce therapy is based on the philosophy that changing anything, even something simple, can change everything. Learning how to revalue your family requires a new approach to divorce therapy. When completed, you will understand the meaning of the phrase—it's over and it's just begun. The active ingredients in our unique approach include:

  • Discovering how to mend broken trust
  • Learning basic divorce survival skills
  • Differentiating between thoughtless actions & actionless thoughts
  • Understanding divorce from everyone else's perspective
  • Learning how to drop the rope in the tug-of-war divorce game
  • Learning the difference between negative and positive peace
  • Realizing the whole is bigger than the sums of its parts
  • Two words—acceptance & commitment

Typical Questions People Ask About Divorce Therapy

  1. Why should we do therapy after the marriage has ended?
  2. Does divorce therapy focus on the past or the future?
  3. How do the words divorce and therapy fit together?
  4. Is this more for the adults or the children?
  5. Does divorce therapy involve the whole family?

These may be questions you have thought about when considering divorce therapy. We think our answers will satisfy and surprise you - please don't hesitate to contact us to find out.