A family provides the basic building blocks from which people learn the most important lessons in life. These lessons include finding answers to life's greatest questions...

Who am I?

Whose am I?

When a family is healthy, these lessons give us inner strength, build our confidence, and guide us toward following our passion. The purpose of the family is to help us learn how to live intentionally and with goodness in our hearts.

The Most Important Life Lessons a Family Can Teach:

  • Knowing the difference between right and wrong
  • How to play fair and pick our friends
  • Knowing the right time to do good
  • That it's good to express and share emotions
  • To grow, we need to take risks and become vulnerable

When a Family Stops Working

Life can get scary and dark very quickly when a family stops working together and becomes filled with conflict. The bad news is that a family's poor health can have devastating consequences—delinquency, early pregnancy, substance abuse and addiction, depression and anxiety, and basic difficulties with having healthy, intimate relationships. The good news is that this devastation does not have to be permanent.

When a person grows up in a family characterized by emotional dishonesty, self-sufficiency, unrealistic expectations, lack of trust, and an absence of nurturing, it becomes difficult to know who and what to trust. The end result is that survival skills instead of living skills are learned.

Learning to Live = Living to Learn

It is important to learn that getting by is only good enough in the short run. In the long run, we deserve more. But, we can't get what we want when we're left alone. So, the active ingredient in healthy family living involves getting back to basics: slow down and unpack your schedule, get back to routines, embrace rituals, collect victories, connect by unplugging, and do more things together - eat meals together, play games together, take mini-vacations together, spend more time outdoors together, and, perhaps most important, dream together, again.

Stated another way, consider whether it's time for you to get back into the game of being a family.

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