Reference Point

reference point

Reference Point is a behavioral healthcare company providing comprehensive psychological assessment and psychotherapeutic treatment to help individuals overcome maladaptive behaviors and attitudes. Our patients typically suffer with chronic pain, mood disorder, unremitting health problems, functional overlay, delayed recovery syndrome, or abnormal illness behavior related to a personal injury or work-related accident.

Distinctive to the psychological assessment process offered by Reference Point is our commitment to empirical substantiation and use of diagnostic-specific psychometric instruments.

Psychological Assessment

Our services focus on the evaluation of various biopsychosocial factors that complicate or inhibit recovery. These critical factors help to understand a patient's unique situation and explain their stalled progress or declines in previous levels of functioning.

Our comprehensive assessment protocol includes:

  • Use of customized battery of test instruments
  • Multi-axial diagnostic assessment
  • Differential diagnostic & prognostic feedback
  • Identification of psychological roadblocks
  • Feedback to medical providers & referral source
  • Assessment of unconscious vs. volitional motivations
  • Testing of diminished mental functioning
  • Clarification of primary & secondary factors
  • Recommendations for time-effective treatment

Psychological Treatment

When a patient's situation lingers, medical treatment stalls and pain becomes chronic. Both of these situations are costly. Our approach is behaviorally-oriented, collaborative, and time limited. We focus on:

  • Improving psychological health and well-being
  • Providing emotional support & goal reinforcement
  • Improving communication & interpersonal skills
  • Acquiring stress management & coping skills
  • Distinguishing between pain & suffering
  • Enhancing a patient's acceptance of circumstances
  • Teaching relaxation skills, anxiety defusion & mood management

Reference Point psychological treatment is designed to help patients restart their recovery process and overcome their problems.