Strengthen your marriage by learning to create safety, build trust, tell the deep truth, and reconnect intentionally. By doing so, you'll become more confident and skillful at dealing with those troubling moments that, too often, make intimacy impossible and destroy the very glue that holds people together.

Keeping a marriage healthy is tricky and sometimes messy. The process of keeping a marriage strong boils down to a willingness and ability to understand the power of the ampersand sign (&). It is this sign that joins two people together. The ampersand sign makes "us" possible. Without this sign, there is only you and me.

Our Unique Approach to Couples Therapy

Our approach to couples therapy is based on a philosophy of change focused on imagination, science, context, and good old-fashioned common sense. Learning how to revalue your relationship requires a new approach to couples therapy. The active ingredients in our unique approach include:

  • Improving your RELATIONSHIP IQ (rIQ™)
  • Learning the power of the T.I.D.E.™
  • Mastering the skill of compassionate confrontation
  • Understanding the power of square one—T.R.U.S.T.™
  • Discovering how to get to the deep truth
  • Decreasing the habits that hurt
  • Learning to stand up for yourself without putting others down
  • Developing reconnection skills & increasing intimacy
  • Creating new possibilities through moral imagination

Typical Questions People Ask About Couples Therapy

  1. Does our relationship have a chance of surviving?
  2. Are we crazy to keep going?
  3. How do we stop the cycle of destruction?
  4. My parents are divorced. Is my marriage doomed too?
  5. Why did I marry this person?
  6. Can people fall back in love?

These may be questions you have thought about when considering marriage counseling or couples therapy. We think our answers will satisfy and surprise you - please don't hesitate to contact us to find out.