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Becoming an effective parent requires learning how to balance control and connection. Too much or too little of either creates rebellion or unruliness. By contrast, when control and connection are balanced and experienced in equal doses, respect and responsibility grow.

The key to great parenting is hidden inside of you. When you learn how to manage your strengths and weakness, you will discover a parenting style that works. Understanding the difference between the parent that you have become and the parent that your child needs, provides the pivot point for growth and success.

Our Unique Approach to Parent Training

Our approach in teaching parents to become more effective parents focuses on two basic philosophic beliefs. First, all children want to do well, if they can. Second, all children need two things: 1) they need to know that their parents are okay, and 2) they need to know that they matter. The active ingredients in this unique approach include:

  • Being willing to make new mistakes
  • Tackling tough issues as a team
  • Challenging your current parenting style
  • Learning how to anticipate the past and interrogate the future
  • Discovering the power of CAREless™ parenting
  • Understanding the importance of rules, routines & rituals
  • Collecting mini-victories together

Typical Questions People Ask About Becoming a Better Parent

  1. What book should I read?
  2. Is it strange that I am turning into my parents?
  3. What is the role of medication?
  4. What happens when parents have different styles?
  5. Is my parenting permanently impacting my child?

These may be questions you think about when trying to learn more about how to become a better parent. We think our answers will satisfy and surprise you - please don't hesitate to contact us to find out.

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