familyWORKZ™ provides counseling for individuals, couples and families in addition to comprehensive psychological assessment services.

Our time-effective, client-focused therapy model is based on a whole-person approach (body, mind, emotions, culture, community, lifestyle, relationships) with a lifestyle wellness perspective.

We help our clients heal from emotional distress while focusing on empowerment, developing potential, experiential openness, behavioral flexibility and values-driven living.

What makes familyWORKZ different?

  • Our values-driven methodology helps our clients discover & embody what matters most.
  • Our consideration of the entire person encompasses all aspects of life and self, including the culture and community in which they live.
  • Our specialty services target specific areas of concern with our unique tools and methodology.

Specialty Counseling Services

In addition to traditional assessment and psychotherapy services, familyWORKZ™ offers a number of unique services targeting specific areas of family life.

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